Fiber Optic Testing

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Fiber Optic Testing

Due to the increased complexity of cabling systems, determining the cause of failure and quickly restoring suitable performance can be a challenging task. Cove Electric provides certification and test solutions that ensure your copper and fiber cable meets standards, performs to specifications and supports business-critical applications.

Our Fiber Optic tests include:

  • Visual Inspection for Continuity or Connector Checking - Continuity checking is the process of making sure the fibers are not broken and to trace a path of a fiber from one end to another through many connections. A higher power version of the tracer uses a laser that can also find faults. The red laser light is powerful enough to show breaks in fibers or high loss connectors. Fiber optic microscopes are used to inspect connectors to check the quality of the termination procedure and diagnose problems.
  • Loss Testing - Power in a fiber optic system is like voltage in an electrical circuit – It’s the spark that makes it happen! It's important to have enough power, but not too much. If you do not have enough power the receiver may not be able to distinguish the signal from noise; too much power can cause errors too.
  • Network Testing - Local Area Network (LAN) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) equipment, Data Center products or other network devices can be tested using our state of the art equipment.